Guide to Claiming Land

Protect your stuff

How to claim

Obtaining the Claim Shovel

You can obtail the claiming tool via the command /kit claim Claim.
Do not that you may only claim this kit every few hours, so don't lose your shovel.

Obtaining Claim Blocks

You gain Claim Blocks automatically by simply playing on the server.
You can earn additional Claim Blocks via any crates in spawn.

You can view your current amount of Claim Blocks and claims using /ClaimList.

Making a claim

Use the tool on 2 corners of the square you wish to claim.
Every block within this square is now protected, and can only be touched by yourself and trusted players.
The amount of Claim Blocks used is based on how far and wide the claim is, and ignores how tall it is.

You can view all your claims with /ClaimList anywhere at any time.


Beware when you claim, that claiming an area will NOT claim the area beneath it.
So be sure to dig down in one corner to get the underground claimed too.

Showing your claim

Using the Claim Shovel inside of your claim, will reveal the borders of your current claim.

Show Claim

You can also use a regular Stick to pin-point which blocks are claimed by who.
This is helpful to make sure you claimed exactly what you wanted to.

Other's claims

Using the Claim Shovel inside of another player's claim will reveal their claim using Netherrack, and warn you that you cannot claim this area.

Other's Claim

Giving others access

By default you are the only player who can interact, build, or break anything within your claim.
To give other players access to your claim, you can use the following commands:

- /Trust <player>
(Build, break, containers, and more)

- /AccessTrust <player>
(Usage of buttons, levers, and beds)

- /ContainerTrust <player>
(Usage of chests, barrels, hoppers, and other types of containers)

- /PermissionTrust <player>
(Grant a player permission to /trust others)

You can view trusted players using /TrustList.
And you can always remove anyone from your claim using /Untrust or /Untrust all.

Removing a claim

You can remove any claim by standing in it and using the command /AbandonClaim.
Or remove all your claims using /AbandonAllClaim.

Full command list

You can view a full list of commands on the documentation page.

There are much more you can do with your claims.
You can see all information with the creator's video on Youtube.


Improper usage of the claiming system can be overturned at any time by staff.

Improper usage includes, but is not limited to:

- Claiming an area protected by WorldGuard, such as Spawn or other staff creations.

- Claiming another player's belongings, while they're getting ready to claim it themselves.

- Claiming an area and purposely turning it into a trap, which other players cannot get out of.